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ANGAT PILIPINAS Coalition for Financial Literacy

ANGAT PILIPINAS Coalition for Financial Literacy

For decades, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have been the backbone of our country. Their remittances have ensured that children go to school, households can buy food, and the next generation has a future to look forward to.

But unfortunately despite the occasional praise and recognition for their efforts, they have received little tangible help. And soon after they come back at the end of their contracts, they are forced to go abroad again due to lack of viable jobs here in the Philippines.

While they indeed make great salaries compared to what they could get here, you could hardly say they make a great living when they live so far apart from their family and loved ones. Though some may choose to go abroad for the experience, there’s no question most would rather stay here.

And I’m glad to say there’s a movement to do just that. The ANGAT PILIPINAS Coalition for Financial Literacy is dedicated to increasing the financial literacy of OFWs and enabling them to not just be expatriate employees but also entrepreneurs and investors, and thereby make them financially independent.

Can you imagine a future where 10,000 OFWs are business owners and investors here in the Philippines instead of employes abroad? It may seem far-fetched, but that’s just one of the goals of ANGAT Pilipinas, supported by some of the biggest names in personal finance here in the Philippines.

And we can be a part of this movement. Do you have relatives and friends who are OFWs? Just tell them about the site. It’s not selling anything, and there are no membership fees. All they ask is for OFWs to take the time to read and learn. It’s as simple as that. So please tell your relatives, friends, coworkers and anyone you know who may know an OFW.

Let them know, and help change the future.

ANGAT PILIPINAS Coalition for Financial Literacy

Full Disclosure: I’ve contributed an article to the site, and possibly will contribute again in the future. However I’m not one of the founders or admins of Angat Pilipinas. And I’m promoting their work, not my contribution to their site.

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