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Where To Invest Our Money

Where To Invest Our Money

I’m sure this is a question that everyone’s asked themselves at some point. And it’s something that requires a lot of thought.

And today I’d like to share a roughly 11-minute video on that topic. It features registered financial planner Joe Ferreria (who is also part of MoneyDoctors), talking about where we can invest our money.

I’m sure that this past January – if not December – you’ve seen a lot advice from other sites. In that sense it’s kind of late for me to be posting something like this.

But most of what I saw were bold predictions or market analysis for 2013. And while the thrust of this short Q&A is investing in 2013, a lot of the answers are actually relevant for any year.

But before I preempt anything, let’s watch the video.

Some of my key take-aways from this:

  • Build-up of capital is key.
  • Think of ways to earn more without quitting your job
  • See where the money is flowing; go with the flow of money
  • In business, volume is important. You need to have a lot o customers buying a lot of stuff

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