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Which Equity Fund Is Better?

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Which Equity Fund Is Better?

Finding the best Mutual Fund, UITF invested in stocks

That’s the usual question I often encounter when people start investing. Of course, there are several factors that we can look at, when choosing the best fit for us.

But when people ask which is “better”, they really mean which is giving better returns. Personally, I’m a firm believer that chasing the one with the highest returns right now isn’t necessarily the best strategy. But of course, I wouldn’t stick with a mediocre fund for long.

But performance isn’t really as simple to gauge as just comparing the yield (or how much the NAVPU has appreciated). Just as different equity funds rise differently in a bull market, they also fall differently in a bear market or even during a correction.

So in this post, we’ll see how some of the better-known funds have done since 2013 rolled in.

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