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How To Teach Yourself To Manage Your Investments

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How To Teach Yourself To Manage Your Investments

How To Teach Yourself To Manage Your Investments. To be able to manage our own investments, first we need to assess ourselves.   Do we really have the time and perseverance to do so? And do we have the drive to keep learning?  If yes, then there are two approaches: the Free way and the Paid way.

Sometime ago an anonymous reader asked me a pretty good question (I’m paraphrasing to make it more concise):

“I’m planning to invest
in UITF but I have very basic info about investing in general. Since I don’t have any prior experience in
investing, I’d rather be a passive investor. But then I also would wish
to learn how to manage my investment by myself. Could you please give
me advice? Thanks”

Although I already answered his/her question I realized it was actually a very good topic worth sharing. I didn’t have any earth-breaking advice, but that’s the point.

I think it’s something that’s going to be very relevant to a lot of beginner investors. And everyone who went through it would have great ideas on how to pull it off. So I’m posting this for all of us to chime in and give what worked for us (and even what didn’t work).

I’ll start and give my answer, and hopefully I’ll read your ideas too in the comments section.

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