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Self Mastery 101: Locus of control

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Self Mastery 101: Locus of control

I like reading rags-to-riches stories. Who doesn’t, right? But I even like rags to now-ok stories. Like the impoverished houewife who went on to own a sari sari store with a daily gross of Php4,000 – which was roughly her initial starting capital! Or the woman who became a millionaire from selling trash and junk.

No matter which story you read though, it invariably comes down to a generic (if over-simplified) formula: They were down and out, they did something, and now they’re on top.

And that’s really the crux of the whole thing. They did something and it changed their situation. It’s almost as compelling (or more so, depending on your tastes) as reading about super powers and magical abilities.

And that’s where locus of control comes in. We may not have super powers or magical abilities. But we sometimes forget just how much influence we can exert on the world around us.

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