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My Twin Towers Appraoch To Stock Market Investing

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My Twin Towers Appraoch To Stock Market Investing

My Twin Towers Appraoch To Stock Market Investing. Investments can take any form that suits our needs. We just need to be mindful and take the right precautions.

A couple of years back, I read Fitz’s post/quiz on how to tell if you were an investor or a trader.

It was a great article. You can make money either way – as long as it suited your strengths. Sure, I advocate long-term, “safe” investing; it would be irresponsible of me not to. But plenty of people make money by actively trading.

The next day or so, Burn wrote a post inspired by that quiz. After reading his 3-guard combo stock investing strategy, I thought to myself “That’s a great strategy!”

I tried implementing a similar strategy. And that’s when I realized investing involves creating a strategy that fits your personality and situation.

And so I’m sharing my own investing strategy. (True to form, it took me one year to react when it took someone else just one day to do the same.)

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