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On gadgets and goals

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On gadgets and goals

Last week was a little tough.

It started with my phone’s sim dying. But that’s not a big deal. Last time I had to buy a new prepaid sim. This time I got it replaced for free (postpaid; plan zero!), I just needed to report it to globe.

But then my PC sorta died too. It kept shutting down after 10 or 15 minutes. That isn’t as small a problem. Last time that happened to me I had to replace the CPU – and the motherboard since the new CPU wouldn’t fit my old motherboard.

To make it more interesting I noticed my phone now has about half the battery life it used to have. It won’t last 24 hours even with only reasonable usage.

They’re both around at least 5 year’s old, so it’s not a total surprise they’re breaking down. I just wish they didn’t do so at pretty much the same time!

But then last week, my MEG shares where shooting through the roof. I had a pretty decent profit! And just in the nick of time, it seemed.

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