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So I’ve Got A VUL, What Now?

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So I’ve Got A VUL, What Now?

So I've Got A VUL, What Now?  Once you get one, VUL, typically charge very high fees or penalties before you can "get out". That's why I am personally biased against VULs. But if you already have one, the best option is to stick with it.  The choices are a little limited, but at least you're already insured and have an investment.

One of the most read posts of this blog is the one about my personal opinion why people should not get a VUL.

Which feels really great. I wrote that specifically to make a dent against the constant barrage of VUL salestalk. There’s practically an army out there pushing VULs. Which is not bad, people need insurance and investments. It’s just that most of the time, in my opinion, it’s recommended and sold not because of the client’s best interest but because it gives higher commissions than the other insurance products.

The relatively minor downside, is that I might be alarming or maybe even panicking some people who already bought a VUL. I’ve already gotten several comments, emails, and facebook messages regarding it.

So in this post, I’d like to share what you can do it you already have a VUL.

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