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When Is It Okay to Show Off?

When Is It Okay to Show Off?

When Is It Okay to Show Off?

Today we have guest blogger Kyle to share some thoughtful advice.

There comes this inevitable point in your life that you might encounter someone who can’t help but show off everything they have, or maybe you’ve seen #blessed posts all over the place and wondered why these people seem to be more worried about how their social media feeds than anything else.

Showing off is attributed to wanting an identity, or wanting to be noticed for having something that nobody else might have just yet. Being showy is okay in some instances, and in other cases, it opens you up to potential risk. If you’re wondering when it’s okay to show off a little, and when it’s not – here are a few instances for you to consider.

When celebrating accomplishment

Parents do this all the time, much to the horror of their kids – who might not think their accomplishments are worth showcasing. The thing is, when you’re celebrating accomplishments, it’s okay to be a little showy about it.

Note that there’s a fine line between acknowledging your hard work and being an egotist about it. When someone is being showy about their accomplishments for the sake of one-upmanship, it might be a cause for people to be less than accepting of anything they do.

When it’s a once-in-a lifetime event

Events like weddings, meeting your favorite celebrity, or doing something that you never thought you’d be able to do are worth maybe mentioning once, or being posted about once.

They’re called once-in-a-lifetime events because it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be repeating the experience. You can preen a little over it, and treasure the memories, but then all that is for you to hold onto. Reminding people – who may not have experienced these things for themselves – that you have is damaging, in that they might feel the need to keep up.

Not when it makes you a target

You might be aware of an Instagram account that basically takes photos from affluent teenagers/young adults – captions and all – and lets people roast them in the comments section. The level of affluence shown in some of those photos makes them a target for less than well-meaning people.

By the same token, if you’re constantly showing off the latest and shiniest in terms of gadgets, or fashion, it could make you a target for people who’re after your money, or worse.

Not when it’s all pretend

If there’s one thing that can be cause for people to think less of you, it’s when you fib about being in certain places, or giving off the vibe that you used your own means to get into places, when the fact is that a friend or family simply brought you along for the ride.

It’s in bad taste to claim something as yours when you had very little or no contribution to it.

Final thoughts

Being occasionally showy is okay. The truth is that people will find the good and the bad in each other, no matter what you might do. The issue is that while getting the latest and greatest might seem like a great thing now, it may not be so great in the long run – when you’ve got buyer’s remorse and a dimmer financial outlook.

The need to show off may stem from wanting to impress people. You don’t gain anything from it but a momentary ego boost. A more permanent ego boost might be to put all that money away and use it for your future, when you’ve reached your goals and showing off is just plainly updating your friends and family of all the good you’ve done for yourself.

Author Bio:
Kyle Kam is from, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products.

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