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What is is a blog that talks about financial planning, saving, and various investments such as stocks, forex, mutual funds, UITFs and the like.

Visitors to this site consists mainly of internet users from the Philippines and overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia who are seeking information on how to improve their finances.

Why should you advertise here? is a quality source of information for personal finance and investing strategies.

The published articles on the site are always focused on sharing with readers the proper mindset and strategies for financial success. And most, if not all, visitors of this website come with genuine interests on saving, investing and personal finance in general.

Now on its third year, it continues to experience steady improvements in traffic. The website currently receives at least 8,000 unique visitors and more than 15,000 page views per month.

The statistics above came from data gathered between June 2015 to September 2015. It is expected that these numbers will continue to grow as more original content is added to the website.

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A. Image ad blocks
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These are 150×150 ad blocks located above the fold. It is displayed at the sidebar and one of the first things that visitors see upon visiting the site. These ad blocks appear site-wide – on all pages and posts.

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This is a 350×350 ad block located in the middle. This is a large ad block that receives a lot of visual attention form the reader. It is also appears site-wide – on all pages and posts.

B. Sponsored Content

This website accepts writing assignments or sponsored posts that can help publicize your product, service or business. The post will be informative in nature, with details based on the data which can be supplied by the sponsor.

How can you advertise here?

If you’re interested in availing any of the above advertising options, reach out to me through my contact form here.

I offer flexible advertising rates and options that will surely fit your marketing budget. So kindly include in your email necessary details regarding your advertising inquiry, such as the URL of the website to be advertised or business to be featured. 

If you had other forms of advertising in mind, don’t worry. I’m happy to listen to your proposal and we’ll see how we can work together on it. Juts reach out to me through my contact form and we’ll proceed from there.


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