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Believe it or not, I just recently got an inquiry if I’d let them submit a post to my blog. (Although it really seemed more like a request for a free advertorial…) Personally, I think it’s too early to be expecting guest posts. But I figured, what the heck? There might be people out there who want to share their story. And who am I to get in the way, right?

So I thought it best to say anyone is welcome to write for my blog. But since readers have some reasonable expectations as to what kind of content they can find here, I need to set some basic ground rules.

Any submitted story must meet the following requirements:

  • Original and unpublished in any medium (other blogs or websites, magazines, newspapers, etc)
  • Written in English and contains at least 200 words
  • Personal experience and/or  lessons learned with regards to investments, business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, or any other topic under personal finance
  • Does not contain links (except in the author’s bio at the end of the article which will link to his/her website’s main page)

And when you submit your story, you agree that:

  • I can proofread and edit your article according to my preference which includes removing irrelevant external links intended only for SEO purposes.
  • Once posted, the article will become my property but will be subject to Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
  • You will not receive any compensation (monetary or otherwise) from your work other than a promotion of your business, service, product or website in the form of a short bio included at the end of your story.
  • A link may be provided for the short bio, but the anchor text should be the name of the website and not a keyword. Also, the link will have a nofollow attribute.
  • Most importantly, if I believe that your story will have no value to my readers, then I have no obligation to publish your article here.

All those interested to share their story here can send me an email through my contact form. Please introduce yourself and give your proposed title/s for your story.

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