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Welcome to The Personal Finance Apprentice blog!

I would like to start by saying (though you’ve probably figured this out on your own:) I’m not an expert on personal finance. In fact I can’t even say I’ve had any formal training or a remarkable amount of experience in finance. So how come I have a blog?

Well, I’m writing this blog to:

  • help those who aren’t confident enough yet or afraid to invest,
  • share my experiences in investing,
  • share what I’ve learned about personal finance,
  • show how personal finance principles can be practiced.

You see, years ago I was a young desk jockey (still a desk jockey by the way), just another nine-to-five-er; just like all the millions of others in the rat race. But one thing that I had going for me was that I was a pretty good saver. But with nothing else to do with my savings, I ended up doing what most people do – spending it.

I had a genuine interest in preparing for my future. But the most savvy thing I could think to do with my money was to open a time deposit account. And I didn’t even do that. At first I didn’t have enough money to open a time deposit account. So I had a regular savings account. Then I learned about a hybrid savings/time deposit account with less of an initial deposit; so I opened one and put my money there. After that, a few emergencies happened. Then I had some stuff I wanted to buy. Travel and vacations came up… you get the idea.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned about investing. All along my perception was that investing was for rich people. And even when the stock market entered my mind, I didn’t have anyone to ask about it.

My parents had done an excellent job of teaching me to understand the value of money and how to save. But I had failed to learn all the ways to make my money grow – until I discovered the world of personal finance and investing.

But even though I’ve learned a lot, I always regretted not having started earlier. So even though a lot of people are already taking on the task of enlightening others about matters of personal finance, I want to lend my voice to the task.

I may not be an expert yet, but I can help in my own way – by taking the journey along with you. I ‘m starting this blog to help show that investing is not that hard to do. And though you’ll encounter some ups and downs, you’ll still end up better off than if you had not invested at all.

So please join me in my journey, and let’s use financial literacy to build a better future for us.

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